About SkyWater Executive Search

SkyWater Executive Search is a retained search firm dedicated to working with Fortune 500, Fortune 100, emerging, entrepreneurial start-up, and nonprofit organizations.

Firm History

SkyWater Executive Search was founded in 2013 by three of the Twin Cities’ most influential and successful recruiting experts, Paul Beard, Tony Fornetti and Kurt Rakos.  For more than two decades, this leadership team has been helping Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies make intelligent hires.  With the newly formed SkyWater, they saw an opportunity to bring their shared values to a broader client base, as well as to the recruiting business itself.  As a result, SkyWater has become a sought-after leader in executive recruiting, successfully filling more positions than any other executive recruiter in Minnesota in 2014 and 2015.   Now recognized as the best Minnesota Recruiters in Accounting/Finance, Sales/Marketing, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Engineering, SkyWater Executive Search is built on a foundation of thoughtfully nurtured, long-standing relationships and hundreds of successful placements throughout the Twin Cities business community.

SkyWater Executive Search Vision and ValuesVision and Values

Our vision is simple: we help our clients achieve long-term, sustainable growth by helping them increase the power of their leadership teams. Many individuals can present a great resume.  At SkyWater, we look deeper.  We know that, for every candidate who is great on paper, there is an individual who carries with them their own, uniquely layered and blended strengths: education, experience, hard skills, soft skills, track record, career aspirations and character traits.  Some could fit comfortably within your organization now.  Others are visionaries, capable of seeing – and leading you toward – greater future success within your industry.  Very few candidates are ready to do both. Our Executive Search brings you the right talent at the right time.

We approach our own staffing and growth needs with the same strategic intention, transparency, and thoughtful consultation that we bring our clients.  As a result, SkyWater has the highest retention rate of any top recruiting firm in the area.

Contact Information

Main Office:
Carlson Towers 601 Carlson Pkwy Suite 150
Minneapolis, MN 55305

Phone: 952.767.9000

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