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Information technology is a driving force behind nearly every industry on earth today.  The digital landscape is a rapidly changing world.  To stay competitive, organizations must remain fluent in the language of new systems, new technologies, and emerging trends.  They need a leader with the tech savy to keep up with new developments – and the discernment to recognize the right technology investments for their organization.  More importantly, I.T. leadership is about change management.  Great I.T. executives are capable of navigating their organizations through necessary, often massive, technology transitions while keeping the day-to-day operation on an even keel.

At SkyWater Executive Search, we are well versed in the unique challenges of I.T. management and well connected to the technology world.  Our relationships and networks reach across multiple industries, giving us access to some of the nation’s most gifted I.T. leaders.  We are able to identify, access and recruit top candidates from a broad pool of individuals, from proven senior executive to promising new talent.  We are experienced in CIO and other C-suite placements, senior management roles overseeing information management, data analytics and digital operations, e-commerce and the increasingly critical responsibilities associated with organizational security and customer privacy and safety. 

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