Marketing RecruiterNo organization can thrive – or even survive long – without its sales function. The sales team is more than the primary revenue generator.  They’re an organization’s ear to the ground, the first alert to the earliest signs of marketplace changes and shifts in consumer
With every shift in consumer preference comes a new marketing demand.  With every new competitor that comes on the scene comes increased pressure to refine product, improve channel performance, and do whatever it takes to increase customer loyalty.
At SkyWater Executive Search, we know the pressures on today’s marketing leaders.  We have placed senior marketing executives across all major industry, including consumer, financial services, health care and education.  We work with our clients to prioritize their marketing leadership needs.  And we have found that, often their ideal candidate has been building their expertise within another industry.  Our searching and matching process focuses on core skills, career aspirations and motivations.  Because our network spans multiple sectors, we have unparalleled access to established and emerging talent.  And we find the best fit.  
We focus on:  

  • Communications
  • New Product Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Technology and Channel Development
  • Data Analytics

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