Sales RecuitersNo organization can thrive – or even survive long – without its sales function. The sales team is more than the primary revenue generator.  They’re an organization’s ear to the ground, the first alert to the earliest signs of marketplace changes and shifts in consumer preference.  Whether the organization is poised, ready and able to exploit that information depends solely on strength of its sales leader.  Today’s sales executive is immersed in the marketplace, curious about consumer trends, closely aligned with the organization’s top leadership, and so inspiring to their sales team that they can rally the troops, every time, to repeated victories.  In today’s world, that means a whole lot more than standing at the podium, sharing goals and reviewing results.  It means hiring, training, coaching, rewarding and recognizing. And it’s hands-on, in the trenches.  Without that unique, talented and charismatic leader at the front of the sales team, an organization will see its numbers wobble and fall whenever markets shift.  

At SkyWater Executive Search, we know sales.  We live it.  We excel in it.  And we are deeply connected to today’s proven and emerging sales talent.  We help our clients assess their core sales leadership strengths and needs.  We understand the profound implications of corporate culture on sales culture.  And we find the strongest candidates to step up and fill that role.  

We focus on:

  • Sales executive leadership
  • Sales team development
  • Online sales and digital marketing
  • Data analytics


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